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Wheelchairs are available that fit in the elevators but please note the elevator does not reach the roof terrace. The elevator is only recommended in these occasions because taking the stairs allows you to see the magnificent light play of the inner patio. In addition to house information being given in Braille there are spatial references included in the audio guide which will help guests position themselves.

Those visiting Barcelona with kids should note that strollers will restrict your mobility greatly. We would like to visit both Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, on 2 different day. One would be late afternoon ard 4pm after Segrada Familia, and the other one at night.. Which do u think we should visit when there is still sunlight? Then the other one will go at night. We wish to catch both with some amazing photo. If you dont mind, could please have a look at my itinerary and give some comment? We will be reaching Barcelona late afternoon on Satutday and leaving to Madrid on Wednesday morning.

As for the rest of the itinerary to me it looks great. Would maybe throw in the Magic Fountain to cap off day one. So I have questions! We are arriving late on a Sunday night. Per your advice, we have an 11 am Gotic walking tour on Monday and Sagrada Familia 6pm in Monday to catch late afternoon sun.

Hey there. Welcome back!

Tuesday we go to Park Guell at am. Weds we want to see the fountains at night. We leave Thurs morning. We have our two teen boys, 13 and Looking for recos on if any of the night experiences should be done Milo, Battlo, etc. Any and all suggestions welcome. Also — this may be harder — any tapas suggestions for my 15 yr old vegetarian?

Because I plan it out to minimize travel times and bunch the attractions in the same areas. Both should be easily accessible from the tour ending point. As for Casa Batllo you could walk by it on the way to Casa Mila… if you want to visit it on the inside though you can definitely fit it in on the Wednesday afternoon.

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Keep in mind though this is a full on itinerary! Because there varieties and something for everybody. And as somebody who secretly despises Barcelona FC, regardless of my love for the city, I would say seeing Real Madrid is a very good consolation prize. We really love just walking around and discovering. We already are going to Sagrada, Park Guell and the Picasso museum. So, if you had to choose, which would you do, Casa Batllo or Casa Mila? Also, in comments above you noted that with the blue and silver tickets you will have to wait in line, but you also noted that you can skip the line with blue and silver, you will just have to wait in a minute queue.

Can you please confirm which is accurate? The video guide is superb and in my mind there are more interesting things to visit on the inside. As for the tickets… there are two lines… one is for buying tickets and one is for getting in. Quick question on Casa Battlo tickets. The Silver and Gold include the Modernist Hall.

Is it worth the extra cost? This is such an amazing page! Are there individual lines for each room?

If so, do we still get priority access and get to skip the lines for the other rooms, just like the gold ticket holders? The skip the line stuff only refers to the entrance of the building itself. Hi there! Trying to figure out tickets for the Magic Nights. Hope you can help me with some questions about the magic nights:. If I purchase a ticket for magic night, can I skip the line for the entrance as well? Do you know if I can come earlier than for the visit if I have a magic night ticket?

Thanks a lot!

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To my knowledge you can only get into the house at the indicated hour on the ticket… but not to worry, you should be able to see everything in the hour before the concert! It took me maybe 45 minutes to wander the house and I was making sure to stop and photograph everything. This is not mentioned on the Silver Pass, So if you buy a Blue or Silver pass this does not enable you to skip the line.

Thank you very much Ash for the information. We will be there from the 20thth July.

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So I would expect it to be busy We will be visiting Sagrada Familia probably on the guided tour. We will be using taxis for transfer from the Airport. So would it be any point in buying either of the discount options? Thanks Rosemary. Can you please tell me how would we get from Sagrada Familia to Casa Batllo by public transportation? Ash, I am really harassing you in the comments.

So sorry for so many questions. I need your advice with our schedule.

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So, here is our schedule: June 29 we arrive in Barcelona sometime in the morning. Maybe around 9 am or so. We have a dinner reservation at pm at Xiringuito Escriba. Nothing else planned yet.

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So what would you suggest? So maybe there is something we can do in between as well. Something small. Because after our tour we would come back to our hotel, rest a little bit and get change. But maybe there is something on the way to the restaurant or in that area..? Also we would like to see a Magic Fountain and Park Tibidado. If you have any other suggestions I would really appreciate it. In the summer this is one of the top things to do!