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Any page detected is notified to the client for further action. The client is in control using the client portal if the detected page should be marked a whitelist, incident or should be ignored. The suspected abuse will immediately be taken to the next process of site down, or seek to have the post removed via the normal Incident Response channel. An increasing number of companies are providing their customers with ease of use mobile applications Apps , including financial institutions for users to access their online accounts.

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Mobile Apps are available from trusted Apps stores such as Apple iTunes store , not so trusted marketplaces, and from general websites on the internet. Criminals are turning to the mobile space producing mobile malware and fake or rogue mobile Apps.

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This can result in hijacked sessions, taking control of the mobile device, or man in the middle attacks. All companies should be concerned about the security and brand reputation issues around this type of criminal activity, even if the company does not yet have mobile apps, the criminals could still create and distribute an App claiming to be from the legitimate company.

3 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Consider Security as a Service (SECaaS)

TIKAJ would validate all mobile apps detected on 3rd party stores with the client before initiating any "cease and desist" and takedown orders. The takedown orders can be sent to us via multiple channels like email, telephone call, or via the client portal.

TIKAJ provides a comprehensive monitoring solution to monitor for rogue, unauthorised Apps, using the client's brand.

With the release of new gTLDs extensions completed as of Nov there is a major threat to domain name brand abuse. Criminals are registering domains as "your" brand to launch attacks. Tactics include close matches and typo-squatting.

SECaaS (Security As A Service) Summary

There is an increase in the threats like counterfeiting, phishing and cybersquatting. We monitor across all the gTLDs for unauthorised domain registrations and "cousin" domains which are look-alike domains, for example: www. Malware, short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.

The Best Cloud Consulting Companies in the USA

Hackers install malware on popular web sites by exploiting security weaknesses on their servers and thus gaining full access to the compromised web site. In most cases the malicious code is not visible or easily detected, and it infects computers of web site visitors when they simply browse this web site.

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  5. Techopedia explains Security as a Service SecaaS or SaaS SecaaS facilitates the provisioning of managed security services from the cloud, which benefits organizations in the following ways: Reduced costs: SecaaS solutions are provided on a monthly rental basis and per license purchased. Ease of management: A service provider delivers total management of cloud security services, security policies, and general administration.

    Encryption is on the rise!

    Continuous anti-virus updates: SecaaS services ensure that security software is maintained with the most current virus definition and security updates. Share this:.

    Why SECaaS Is a Trend You Need to Watch

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